Paris Take-Homes: Kitsch Kitchen Souvenirs, Montmartre, Paris, F

Paris Take-Homes: Kitsch Kitchen Souvenirs

No matter where you walk in Paris, it’s hard to escape the tacky souvenir stands and shops overflowing with tourist tat that you’ll probably end up buying but will probably never use. Sure, there’s no harm in a miniature Eiffel Tower — they are cute — but are you really going to wear that “I love Paris” t-shirt when you get home?

Yesterday I went out in search of some cute Paris take-homes that scream Paris that you might actually use when you get home. Or if you don’t, you can at least give them as gifts and not cringe within as you do so. Coincidentally, these kitsch mementoes are all related to food, and while I usually post purchases home, I think we’re going to keep a few of these…


These vibrant placemats, pictured above, boast a collage of iconic Parisian symbols, from the Mona Lisa to street signs. They come in four different patterns, are thin and lightweight, and would wipe down super-easy, and they’re just 3.50 euro each. Buy them at Pylones; there are six stores around Paris.

Kitsch Kitchen Souvenirs. Paris, France. Copyright 2015 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.


I love this small Eiffel Tower-shaped rape a fromage or cheese grater. We needed one too, as not every holiday rental has one. It’s also slim and super lightweight, so Terence will be adding this to his kitchen kit. Also from Pylones.


Paris Subway Tea Towel, Kitsch Kitchen Souvenirs. Paris, France. Copyright 2014 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.


When it comes to tea-towels or dish-towels, I have always tended to go for the Italian red-and-white checked trattoria-table cloth style or the kitch souvenir variety, so this tea-towel bearing the Paris Metro map will fit in perfectly with the collection I have in storage in Dubai, oh, and… um, Sydney. Buy it at La Chaise Longue; there are seven stores around Paris.

Kitsch Kitchen Souvenirs. Paris, France. Copyright 2015 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.


Admittedly, it’s rare that Terence and I leave a bottle of wine unfinished. But there always seems to be a bottle of cooking wine about that is spoilt because we can’t get the cork back in, so I’ve been looking for one of these. Looks like this baby is going on a world tour. Also from La Chaise Longue.

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  1. Katja

    Ooh, that cheese grater’s cute. Is it as teeny as it looks? I’m guessing it’s only really good for grating parmesan and similar cheeses. Still, great for chucking in a travel bag for those emergency kitchen moments. What are airline security rules on miniature cheese graters, I wonder …?!

  2. Heather Carreiro

    So this is the first time that I must admit I wouldn’t buy any of your choices, but I like the kitsch theme for Paris. The cheese grater is kinda cool, but so ridiculous at the same time!

  3. lara dunston

    Hi Katja – the cheese grater is about 10cm high and weighs virtually nothing, so it’s perfect for travelling. And it’s definitely going to come in handy, as while some places we’ve stayed in have amazingly well-equipped kitchens, others have the bare minimum. So I’m glad I found that one!

  4. Lara Dunston

    Hi Sophie – yes, the coasters are pretty kitsch, aren’t they? But most of what’s in those tourist shops is junky and not quite kitsch enough for me.

  5. Lara Dunston

    Not a fan of kitsch? I see people buying such junk from those tourist shops that I thought I’d head into the Parisian design stores and homeware shops like Pylones and La Chaise Longue instead, and see what they had in the way of things that were fun that screamed Paris but things that could also be put to use rather than end up disused in a drawer or cupboard. We’ll definitely get some use out of the cheese grater and Paris bottle-stopper this year.

  6. Lara Dunston

    Thanks, Liv! Same. I also try to find things that are going to be useful too – not stuff that gets thrown in a drawer never to be seen again. Not that I have a drawer to throw anything in these days…

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